Advanced Classes


Your dog must have completed our Foundation Skills course prior to enrolling in Advanced Classes.

Foundation Skills Level 2

You’ve done one round of Foundation Skills class, and your dog can stayrecall, and walk nicely on a leash – when there’s NO distractions.

But, now you want to put these skills to the test – closer and closer to other dogs and people!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to..

  • Have your dog sit calmly while you have a chat with your neighbour?
  • Pass another dog on the sidewalk, while your dog remains focused on you?
  • Enjoy time on a patio while your dog settles by your feet?

Then, Foundation Skills Level 2 is for you and your dog!

The program is 5 modules long and runs once per week. Each module focuses on proofing core foundation skills with oodles of distractions. We will cover:

  • Walk Politely on a Loose Leash Past Distractions
  • Passing Dogs Calmly
  • Politely Accept Petting/Interaction with a Stranger
  • Recall from Distractions
  • Accepts Grooming/Examinations
  • Long Duration Stays (Settle on Mat)

Tricks Class

Your dog will be the life of the party wherever you go! Tricks class represents a training challenge for both you and your dog – your capturing and shaping skills will be put to the test. Additionally, as a CTDI (Certified Trick Dog Instructor) Sarah can help you earn your dogs trick dog titles through Do More with Your Dog.

The program is 5 modules long and runs once per week. Each module contains a training topic and covers 4-5 tricks.

  • Module 1) Capturing and Luring
    • Pick Up
    • Paw Target
    • Play Dead
    • Sit Pretty
  • Module 2) Targets
    • Target Box
    • Leg Weave
    • Retrieve
    • Cross Your Paws
  • Module 3) Antecedent Arrangement
    • Bow
    • Back-Up
    • Play Dead / Roll Over
    • Put your Toys Away
  • Module 4) Shaping
    • Shaping Duration (Sit Pretty or Play Dead)
    • Shaping Distance (Back Up)
    • Shaping Precision (Cross your Paws)
  • Module 5) Troubleshooting
    • Cue Transfer (Leg Weave or Bow)
    • Behavior Chains (Put Your Toys Away)
    • Footsies

Equipment Required

  • Container (Put Your Toys Away)
  • Ball, Tug, or Toy
  • Plastic yogurt lid or tupperware lid (Paw Target, Cross Paws)
  • Target stick for small dogs (e.g. Long handled wooden spoon)

Rally Obedience Core Skills

Rally Obedience is a dog sport that incorporates aspects of competitive obedience. Handler and dog make their way in heel through a course with a series of stations.  Each station has a behavior such as direction changes, stand or pivot (i.e. 180 degree turn), and more advanced courses feature behaviors such as moving down stay, weaves, and jumps.  In novice levels, the dog is on leash and the owner is allowed to talk and interact with them, making it an easy dog sport to get into! Rally Obedience Core Skills is designed to cover all the groundwork for entry into a Novice level trial. As an added bonus, this course will strengthen your dog’s loose leash walking skills.

  • Module 1) Positions (Sit, Down, Stand, Heel)
  • Module 2) Pivot, Duration in Heel
  • Module 3) Fronts & Finishes
  • Module 4) Putting it Together!

Rally Obedience Novice

Alumni of the “Rally Obedience Core Skills” class are eligible to take the Rally Obedience Novice course. This course will introduce the 29 CARO Novice stations and prepare you and your dog for a real trial.

Coming Soon!

Open Training

Want to work on something specific, but it’s not covered in class? Come and train during Open Training Class. No agenda will be set, but students will be able to work on their own projects under the guidance of Sarah. This class could be used for…

  • Nail trims, voluntary harness wearing and other co-operative handling exercises
  • Stuck on a trick? Sarah can help work through training blocks and plateaus
  • Proof newer skills in the classroom environment
  • Review Foundation Skills Content
  • Pick and Choose advanced skills without committing to a whole course (e.g. “Heel” from Rally-O or “Leg Weave” from Tricks)
  • Run out of training ideas? Sarah will teach you something new!

OK – I’m ready to go!

  • Classes are bookable through the class calendar (Student Login)
  • Please ensure you can attend all class dates within a series
  • Advanced program dates are announced via our newsletter