Rally Obedience Vancouver

Rally Obedience (Rally-O)


A class designed for passionate dog handlers with ambitions to test their dogs ability to work as a team and take it to the competitive level.

Rally Obedience training has many practical applications, including mental exercise for your dog, increased reliability and obedience in a variety of situations, improved focus, and, of course, a stronger bond between you and your dog.

This sport is a great progression for those who have completed advanced classes or foundations training and are looking for additional training experiences and challenges.

Dog on teeter

Rally-O Core Skills 

Course Description:

Rally-O Core skills aims to teach the building block skills required prior to entering your first Rally-O trial.

  • Heel Position (transit between stations)
  • Left Forward, Left Finish
  • Right Forward, Right Finish
  • Pivot
  • Side-Step
  • Precise Positions (Tuck Sit, Fold Back Down, Stand)
  • Front
  • Fast, Slow, Normal Pace
  • Turning left and right in Heel



  • Completion of Foundation Skills minimum, completion of Foundation Skills Level 2 is preferred
  • Your dog needs to have a desire to work with you and is eager to earn food reinforcement
  • Your dog needs a functional stay with some duration and distraction
Dog on teeter

Rally-O Novice

Course Description:

You will learn and practice Novice Rally Obedience signs

  • Introduce Ring entrance and exits routines
  • How to reduce reinforcement when in the ring
  • Continue to build on foundation obedience skills to master more complex skills such as weave, off set figure 8 and spirals.
  • Learn how to read a Rally Map and how to walk a course
  • Learn how you are scored, common deductions and causes for NQ’s



  • Completion of Rally-O Core Skills
  • For new students: Passing a 1-on-1 paid evaluation. You will be asked to demonstrate all Core Skills via a 30 minute zoom session ($60 + Tax).

    Program Tuition

    $232 plus tax for each 4-week course

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    Where and When?

    2024 dates to be announced soon!

    Okay, I’m Ready to Go!

    This is an advanced class.  Please see all the prerequisites.

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