Nosework Scent Detection Class Vancouver

Scent Detection

Your dog’s got an amazing nose! Train them to use it! Dogs using their nose benefit from:

  • Enrichment from being able to express their natural instincts to sniff
  • Mental stimulation from having to use that sense to perform a specific job
  • Reduced stress and boredom at home, in just 5-10 minutes of scent detection per day

In this course, we’ll teach you how to train your dog to search for, detect, and indicate they’ve found a specific scent. Exactly how working dogs are trained to detect bed bugs, flora and fauna, contraband, and even medical conditions in patients.

Students must obtain their own equipment, most is from the Dollar Store, other than Essential Oil:

  • Wintergreen Essential Oil (or whichever odour you wish to train for)
  • Q-Tips
  • Airtight jar to store scented q-tips
  • Tweezers and gloves to handle odour
  • 1 Kitchen Colander
  • 4 x Cosmetic tins, or Tupperware containers (condiment sized), with holes cut in top
  • 4 x Larger Tupperware Containers, identical style, with hole cut in the top
  • Blu-tack adhesive


  1. Handling and preparing scent, scent tins, and cold and hot boxes
  2. Building motivation to conduct search work
  3. Building commitment to remain and indicate the detection of the target odour
  4. Proofing and doing a blind search

Program Tuition

$232 plus HST for the four week program

For details regarding class/training policies, please see our Policy page:

Where and When?

Mount Pleasant (Baby D’s): Sundays at 12 PM with Sarah. Jan 21 – Feb 11, 2024. Sold out!


Okay, I’m Ready to Go!

This is an advanced class.  Dogs must have finished all Foundation Skills classes first.

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