Frequently Asked Questions / Basic Info

Help, I am overwhelmed and just want to talk to a human!

Hours of Operation:

Please note that we are only open for scheduled classes for existing students and by appointment, therefore, if you are interested in signing up for classes or lessons, please follow the Admissions Processes found throughout our web site.

Can I Audit a Class (Humans Only)

Absolutely! If you are doing research and haven’t decided yet, and want to see a class, please follow the instructions here:

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Okay, I’m Ready to Start!

Great! Review our website and find which service you’re interested in, and commence the online Admissions process.

I Have a Question/Can You Phone Me?

For 15 minute phone calls with Client Experience to discuss the our programs, services, admissions process, or scheduling questions.

Please note, billing or class credit inquiries must be submitted via email to, as adjustments or reconciliations often require more than 10 minutes.

Please note that questions regarding dog training or behaviour will not be answered on these calls. For that, please inquire about our paid 30-minute Phone Consultation services.